Talking About the Weather
Sanna Rahola and Douglas Drdul
create multi-paneled wall art in handmade felt and finely carved panels from native hardwood. Themes embrace floral and landscape, figurative and abstract. Richly textured and colored, a complex working of fibre and wood, these works give an intimate and personal vision of man and nature.

For residential and commercial interiors, these durable and permanent works require no special maintenance.

Each work of fibre art is created from handmade felt by building alternating layers of carded wool. As a painter works her layers of paint, Sanna layers her colors in fibres to achieve her desired image. By manipulating other raw fibres such as silk and linen and placing them down on the final layers of wool Sanna accents her pieces as if using the fibres as heavy brush strokes. These accents reflect light, adding to the depth and rich texture of her work. One of the final and most important steps of the creative process involves subjecting the mass of loose yet carefully placed fibres to the physical and sometimes unpredictable process of traditional felt making.

Juxtaposed and complementing this are Douglas's exquisitely carved panels from Black Walnut, Birch and Limewood, often perforated to reveal a sophisticated play of depth and shadow that continue the visual story across the work.

In a unique relationship between two artists and two media, a single story is told.

A commanding sense of material and structure that reflect a mastery of their respective medium, Sanna and Douglas share their vision as highly regarded artists and world travellers through workshops and participation in exhibitions and shows internationally.

Sanna and Douglas have received awards of excellence including consecutive ‘Best New One-of-a-Kind Award’ 2005, 2006, from the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council, Canada. Their work continues to be the subject of considerable media coverage.